Purchase Order Financing

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Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing allows you to fulfill that big order you just sold without going bankrupt. You can use a letter of credit from the sale youíve made to get the funds necessary to fulfill your contract. Invoice Factoring Partners can help you arrange a short term cash solution before the bill even gets to accounts receivable. We can approach an invoice factoring company on your behalf and find the best possible rates to finance your sale!

Purchase order financing can allow you to expand to meet needs for orders that havenít even filled. Purchase order financing can give you the freedom to grow based on a simple sale. Invoice Factoring Partners with all companies, big and small, in an effort to help them grow. Purchase order financing can be an invaluable tool to any merchandise company.

Think of it. Spend money on work you havenít even started. What could that do for your business? Itís one thing to know that the money is coming. Itís another thing to be able to spend it on whatever you need to make your business better and more efficient right now.

At Invoice Factoring Partners weíll plead your case to the large factoring companies and get you the deal you need to make your company grow, and go!

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